Quality Semi-Permanent Makeup in Palm Beach

Work, sleep, play and still look glamorous all day with semi-permanent makeup. The specialists at Paula’s Place can create beautiful shaped eyebrows, lip lines, eyeliner and beauty spots. These treatments involve implanting colour into your skin and are ideal for people with fair or no eyebrows or people with thin or uneven lips. There is no risk of smearing, running or of the lip colour bleeding.

Semi Permanent Makeup Price List


  • Eyebrows $330.00
  • Eyeliner top $330.00
  • Eyeliner bottom $330.00
  • Lip line $330.00
  • Beauty spots $44.00
  • Full lip colour $550.00

Semi-Permanent Makeup FAQS

How is pigment implantation performed?
Using the finest quality needles, the pigment is introduced into the skin. The needle is dipped into the pigment, and the tip of the needle inserted into the skin, allowing the skin to absorb the colour. Needle penetration is quite shallow as the changes are only semi-permanent. As you replace your skin cells over the years the changes gradually fade away. The pigments used are of vegetable origin and come in a range of colours to best enhance your appearance.

Is it a tattoo?
It is basically the same process except the needle is not inserted as deeply.

How long does it last?
The pigment in the skin can last 3-5 years, depending on the colour used and individual variations in the skin replacement rates. The average length of time an implant lasts is 3 years. Lighter brow colours, a popular choice for first treatments, may be a little less definitive and will start to fade before 3 years. Some clients choose to have a retouch after 18 months to retain a darker colour and more definitive line.

How long does a treatment take?
Treatment times vary depending on the extent and nature of the treatment, however the general time allowed is one hour. To check colour and shape, and to make any adjustments if necessary, a short follow-up appointment is generally made for 3-4 weeks later. Sometimes a small area will require a little more colour etc.

Does the treatment hurt?
The treatment is virtually painless as we apply a cotton bud dipped in local anaesthetic to the skin.

Is the treatment safe?
Yes. We are not aware of anyone with any adverse reactions. The treatments are performed under sterile conditions with every precaution taken for all involved.

Are there any after effects?
Swelling is mild and usually last 2-3 days. There may be some slight tightness as healing occurs. People prone to cold sores very occasionally develop a cold sore on their lips following treatments. This is due to the stress of the treatment, which causes the dormant virus to become active. If you have any symptoms which concern you please feel free to ring us to discuss your concern.

Semi Permanent Makeup ( Cosmetic Tattoo) Options

Eyebrow creation
The process can be used for people with gaps in their eyebrows or only half an eyebrow. It’s also ideal for people who would like darker, defined or thicker looking eyebrows.

Lip line creation
Many people have unevenly shaped lips which give a lopsided effect. Some lips blend into the face without a clearly defined border. Pigment implantation can create an attractive lip line that enhances the shape of the mouth and looks good with or without lipstick.

Pigment implantation can give you a permanent made-up look.

Beauty spots
If nature hasn’t given you a beauty spot you can create one in the place of your choice.